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What you should know about your faja Our fajas are designed with the most innovative product on the market, powerNET. This type of fabric is designed to have a long useful life, it can be washed continuously and is easy to dry. It is a powerful material and also very comfortable to use. Made with the most resistant and elastic fibers, the faja provides the adequate pressure to obtain the desired figure in a shorter time, in addition, our fajas have an antiallergic cotton fabric lining that protects the skin avoiding any type of irritation. According to your need, our fajas can be of high or medium compression. Taking care of your faja : time In the first days after your belt is acquired it is recommended that you use it for 4 to 5 hours a day for two weeks, this in order to accustom your body to its new firm and stylized position. After 2 weeks you can increase your use of 8 hours a day, maximum 10, in order not to demand as much to your body and the process as comfortable as possible. Remember that excesses are not beneficial. Taking care of your faja : misuse There are certain things that you can not do with your girdle, in the first instance, check your weight and size, get advice at our stores about what size of the belt you select should be the right one, do not try with smaller sizes than what you should use. The garment is of intimate use, try to wash it with mild soap, thus avoiding its deterioration and prolonging its useful life; Try not to dry your garment in direct sunlight or in the dryer.
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